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Declaw Dismissal

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Your cat was declawed yesterday.  There are a few things you will need to know for the next week while your cat heals from surgery.


1. Please use a litter that does not contain small particles smaller than 1/8th inch for the 10 days. 

  • This is to prevent very small particles from getting into the incision sites on your cat's paws and causing pain and infection.
  • Ideal litters include newspaper litters such as Yesterday's News, sheets of newspaper, and shredded paper.
  • If your cat will absolutely not use ideal litters, then please at the very least do not use clumping litters.

2. Your cat will have a suture placed in each toe.  These do not need to be removed, and will dissolve/fall out over the next 2-8 weeks.  If your cats is chewing at the sutures excessively in the first 10 days, please call us and we will dispense out an e-collar for your cat.  After 10 days if your cat is still chewing at the sutures, you may bring them into All Feline Hospital to have them removed at no charge. 


3. Please watch your cat's toes for any signs of discharge, redness, or swelling.  If you notice any of these things, please call us and we will be happy to take a look. 


4. Your cat may eat normally when they get home.


5. Please keep your cat's activity restricted and do not encourage jumping for the next three days.  


6. Pain meds will have been sent home with your cat.  Please give these until they are gone, cats do not tend to show signs of pain, but that does not mean they don't feel it.

  • If you were dispensed Metacam, this is a pain medication, that last up to 48 hours.  If your cat is not cooperative in taking this medication, it can be mixed in food or a moist treat. 
  • If you were dispensed Buprenex, this must be applied to the gums or under the tongue; this drug is not effective if swallowed.  The effects of this drug only last 8-10 hours, so it must be given twice daily. 


If at any point your cat acts like they do not feel good, are lethargic, not eating, or vomiting, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at All Feline Hospital at 402-467-2711 or


Printable Declaw Dismissal