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August - 20% Off Microchips


We have an upcoming monthly special that we would like to announce! During the month of August, we are offering discounted microchips, in which All Feline Hospital will take 20% off of microchipping! If your kitty is about to have surgery, then this offer applies to any age group who will have the microchip placed while they are under anesthesia for surgery. This offer also applies to any cat over the age of one year old who is getting a microchip that will not be having surgery. Kitties must have a current rabies vaccine or will be receiving one during the time of their microchip placement.

So why microchip? Your cat can't dial a phone to let you know that they are lost or carry around an ID card to identify themselves, but by microchipping, you create a traceable identification to your lost pet. Vet clinics and animal control have the capability to scan your cat and locate your contact information that correlates with your cat's microchip number through the various microchip databases. These microchips last a lifetime and they are the best chance you have at your cat returning to you should they go missing. Thanks to microchipping, we have been able to reunite a few owners with their lost pets here at All Feline Hospital!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to receive this special offer, give us a call at (402) 467-2711! Thank you!


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