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May - Senior Month


Does your cat need to have its blood work checked?


This May, all cats over the age of seven will get a blood panel work up with a 35% discount, which is a savings around $38! As cats get older, they are more susceptible to various health problems such hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, IBD, diabetes, and the list goes on. By doing senior blood work, you have the potential to detect the issue early on and treatment can begin before the problem becomes a grander issue.

This blood work is truly beneficial to your cats and goes above and beyond just what a physical exam can determine. So if you have been holding off or been on the fence about doing your kitties blood work, just come by this May! Let the doctors help ensure your kitty lives a happy and healthy life! We also offer senior packages that include x-rays, urinalysis, blood pressure, glaucoma test, blood work, and a physical exam. Call us at (402) 467-2711 to set up your senior appointment today!