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November - Senior Month

During November we are offering Senior Blood Work Profiles at 35% off our regular price and 35% off all Blood Pressure Checks.
for senior cats.  This check up can help find problems such as early kidney insufficiency, hyperthyroidism, hypertension and other common feline health issues. This is a great time to make sure your senior cat is healthy and ensure they stay healthy during their senior years.  

We also offer a Senior Wellness Package which is a complete work-up designed to detect health problems that do not show any clincial signs. This exam is to ensure that your older feline stays as healthy as possible throughout his or her senior years.  The cost is $235.00 for our Senior Wellness Package and is a savings of $50.00.  This package is available year round and includes 
Complete physical exam
Senior Blood work profile
Complete urinalysis 
Blood pressure check
Full body x-ray

Call us at 402 467 2711 to make an appoitment for your senior feline and take advantage of our Senior Month at All Feline Hospital or request an appointment online using Pet Desk.  
The Staff at All Feline Hospital