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Hello everyone! We have another kitty up for adoption, and not just any kitty, but a very special kitten. Everyone, meet Sammy! Sammy is about three months old and has not been altered yet due to her recent health escapade in which she triumphantly conquered a major surgery at her wee young age. Sammy was born without a proper working rectum, in which Dr. Arnold used her surgical expertise to give her a “manufactured” rectum in a sense. That surgery happened about a month ago, and she has made great strides since! Sammy acts and plays just like a kitten and if she isn’t stealing one of Charlie’s beds from him, she is zooming around the clinic at the speed of light. So far, Sammy seems to get along with other cats and LOVES to play with their tails and chase after them. We are hoping for someone with a big heart and enough patience to give her a good home with the knowledge that her future health is uncertain. She is still learning her new anatomy and tends to sometimes leave a little present behind as she zooms off. She also has to be on Miralax to prevent her from becoming constipated and endangering her health. Without the help of the person who brought her in and the help of Dr. Arnold, she would have never made it on her own. We know Sammy has a purrfect match out there, the question is, will it be you? If you have any questions or if you want to visit and interact with her, give us a call at (402) 467-2711. Thank you!